1500 liter tank i Rostfritt 304

Art.nr: 7415

241,000.00 SEK/st eks mva

Lagersaldo: 2st

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Volum i liter




Klassifisert for næringsmidler





Rustfritt stål







Måle utløpet til bakken

350 mm

Ytre diameter

1.395 mm

Total høyde

2.567 mm



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Article type: brand new production tank – type CHC-HILA
Additional information: Delivered with food certificate; article price without control panel; see options; (The article can also be purchased without options)  
Capacity: 1.500 L
Maximal density of the product: 1.200
Working pressure in tank: ATM – atmosferic

Max. working temperature: 100 °C
Min. working temperature: -10 °C
Material wet parts: SS AISI 304 (V2A)
Model: vertical
Configuration: insulated with heat-exchanger

Heat exchanger: yes
Insulation: yes
Agitator: yes
Mobile tank: no
Top type: bridge with 2 lids

Shape of tank: cylindrical
Bottom type: conical 15 °
Total discharge: yes
Fixation points: 3 adjustable feet
Legs: Set of baseplates and adjusting pieces included

Type of HE on the cylinder: dimple-jacket
Position HE: the complet cilinder
Water pressure HE: 5 Bar
Steam pressure HE: 3 Bar
Hydraulic test pressure: 7,50 Bar

Contact surface cylinder: 3,80 m²
Connection HE: 1″BSP male
Working temperature HE cylinder: 150 °C
Type of HE on the bottom: dimple-jacket
Water pressure HE: 5 Bar

Steam pressure HE: 3 Bar
Hydraulic test pressure: 7,50 Bar
Contact surface bottom: 0,60
Total contact surface: 3,20
Connection HE: 1″BSP male

Working temperature HE bottom: 150 °C
Heat exchanger: RVS 304
Outer jacket (ornamental wall): RVS 304
Valve: RVS 316L
Fixation point(s): RVS 304

Suitable for food industry: yes
Documents included: yes, optional
Technical drawing included: yes
Registration plate on the tank: yes
Flange for agitator: yes

Spray ball: no
Tank outlet: inside Ø 50 mm
Outlet type: DIN11850
Total outlet valve: yes, optional
Type shut-off valve: butterfly valve

Adjustable legs: yes
Agitator type: gate
Position engine: at the top
Storage below: yes
Number of revolutions: 11

Power: 2,20
Voltage: three-phase
Top: 2 mm
Cylinder: 3 mm
Bottom: 3 mm

Internal diameter tank: 1.233 mm
Distance from outlet to ground: 350 mm
Outer diameter tank: 1.395 mm
Total height of tank: 2.567 mm
Empty weight tank: 810

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