Polyether TPU is suitable for drinking water.
Polyester TPU is suitable for storage fuel, such as diesel, gasoline, oil etc.
PVC is suitable for irrigation, seawater, rainwater, etc.
The tanks can be used for fire fighting, humanitarian, sewage collection, filling pools, oil, other chemicals, etc.
The tanks can be used both as storage tanks and for placement on, for example, pallet trucks, trailers or pickups.

The tanks are available in different sizes. Capacity: 500-500 000 liters. The dimensions can be customized according to your wishes.

Easy to fold and take up little space when stored.
Thicknesses: 0.7, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5

The tanks are adaptable with different types of valves and couplings.
1 ", 2" and 3 "connections.

Capacity:Thickness:Weight Size:Shipping dimensions:
500 liter0.7 mm4.5 Kg1.7m*0.85m*0.35m40cm*20cm*20cm
1,000 liter0.7 mm7.5 Kg2m*1.3m*0.4m40cm*30cm*20cm
2,000 liter0.7 mm10 Kg2.3m*1.8m*0.5m40cm*40cm*20cm
3,000 liter0.7 mm13 Kg2.8m*1.8m*0.6m45cm*45cm*25cm
5,000 liter0.8 mm18 Kg2.8m*2.8m*0.65m60cm*40cm*30cm
10,000 liter0.9 mm32 Kg3.85m*3.85m*0.7m80cm*50cm*40cm
20,000 liter0.9 mm67 Kg6.8m*3.8m*0.8m105cm*53cm*42cm
30,000 liter0.9 mm97 Kg6.6m*5.8m*0.8m115cm*56cm*43cm
50,000 liter0.9 mm185 Kg8.6m*7.3m*0.8m110cm*75cm*70cm
70,000 liter1.2 mm285 Kg8.9m*8.8m*0.9m110cm*100cm*60cm
100,000 liter1.2 mm350 Kg13m*7.8m*1m110cm*110cm*60cm
200,000 liter1.2 mm670 Kg17m*11.7m*1.1m225cm*75cm*75cm
300,000 liter1.5 mm1130 Kg19m*14.6*1.1m225cm*115cm*105cm
400,000 liter1.5 mm1380 Kg19m*17.6*1.2m225cm*145cm*115cm
500,000 liter1.5 mm1750 Kg24m*17.6m*1.2m225cm*190cm*115cm
NOTE! The dimensions can also be customized according to your own wishes.

Warranty: 1 year.
Temperatures between (° C): -30 ~ + 90
Shelf life depending on conditions: 5-15 years.
Colors: Blue and green (other colors can be customized).
Certificate: ISO, SGS, TUV, CE


Various types of clamping loops are available.