container tanks

Painted, renovated and inspected ISO tank of 24m³.

For food and chemicals.
Volume:  ISO tanks 17 - 26m³ and Swap tanks up to 35m³.
Material: Stainless steel 316.
Measurements ISO: L: 6058 mm  B: 2438 mm H: 2591 mm
Length Swap tanks: 7,15m.
Isolated: Yes
Pressure tank: 4 bar
Thermometer:  Yes.
CIP cleaning: 2 pcs can be fitted.
Heated / cooled with (pipe 4 bar 8m² for steam) ADR / RID / IMDG Approved for Transport Sea / Road / Railway Inspected by SGS / TUV before delivery. Test certificate, cleaning certificate. Photos are available before delivery.
Performance: Outlet: 3 "BSP connection, manhole.
The ISO tanks can be stacked up to 6 pieces filled on top of each other. The SWAP tanks can be stacked up to 3 pieces filled on top of each other.
NOTE! The tanks can only be used in horizontal position. 
Price: Contact us for a budget price. For financing / leasing we have a cooperation with Nordea Finans.

Renovated and inspected ISO tank 24m³.



Renovated and inspected Swap tank 35m³.


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