pellet boiler

Veolia Sverige AB has given us the mission to sell this Pellet-fired boiler.

The two pellets are placed in container-like building parts, making them easy to move. Boilers were delivered 2010-2011 and are in good condition.

The boiler plant is made in so-called of alternate design which enables connection to the network regardless of pressure classification.  
The oil boiler is also placed in a container and in fully operational condition.

The equipment is located in Knivsta, between Stockholm and Uppsala.

We can offer a complete pelletized plant including pellet silo 65 m³ and chimney.

Boiler 1: Swebo 1000 kW Ariterm, Biojet P burner.
Boiler 2: Swebo 500 kW Arter, Biojet P burner.

Oil boiler:   CTC 2300 kW,    Weishaup burner.