We work with, used and new surplus process equipment, as, spare parts, machinery and complete factory’s.
Every week we send inquiries to all of our 1000 recipients in all of Europe, where we are looking for equipment our customers need.
After 25 years with experience in the brokering of used process equipment, we know how the market works and what the market is looking for.
We will do everything to both customer and supplier should feel confident about a purchase of a machinery.

How we do business

We market and find buyers for your processing equipment at no cost to you. We turn to anyone using similar equipment through website and mail, we have thousands of contacts and decision makers in the Nordic countries and Europe.
A deal can be done in different ways:

  • 1. When we find a customer for your equipment, we buy for the price you request and sell it further.
  • 2. We are writing an exclusive commission agreement where we together optimize the price.

Guarantees: A warranty is almost never given for purchase of a used equipment, an exception is a purchase of a refurbished equipment that often provides a refurbishment guarantee that runs for different periods. However, we would like to provide our customers with as good purchasing safety as possible, so we recommend an inspection by the owner before purchase, sometimes at the place of the owner and in some cases with an open purchase guarantee, when permitted by the owner.